Monitor Audio CLG-W10 subwoofer

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brand: Monitor Audio
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Monitor Audio CLG-W10 Subwoofer (8527674999132)
Regular price €1.399,00
Regular price €1.399,00 Sale price €1.399,00

The CLG-W10 subwoofer is a new addition to Monitor Audio's Climate Garden System. These outdoor speakers deliver Monitor Audio's award-winning high-fidelity sound in the garden. The CLG-W10 is weatherproof and delivers rich, deep bass outdoors.

Monitor Audio CLG-W10 subwoofer

The CLG-W10 subwoofer brings the bass outdoors and can be partially embedded in a garden bed or mounted on a terrace or veranda. The compact dimensions make it extremely versatile and offer a variety of mounting options. The CLG-W10 amplifies the low frequencies in conjunction with the other outdoor speakers in the Climate Garden System from Monitor Audio.

The CLG-W10 is robust, durable and also suitable for extreme conditions. It is rated IP54. Due to the unique design and manufacturing process, its housing has no joints or joints, making the subwoofer impervious to water. The dark brown color adapts perfectly to the natural environment. Since the housing is neither painted nor coated, the surface cannot fade or peel over time.

The subwoofer has a custom-made inverted cone driver with a rigid dome diaphragm (made from Monitor Audio's renowned C-CAM material) for powerful and punchy bass. The inverted dome ensures that water that enters through the grid flows out again. Thanks to the ceramic coating, C-CAM is insensitive to moisture and harsh environmental conditions. A double-spider mechanism (inspired by Monitor Audio's flagship speaker series) ensures the driver remains perfectly aligned even under extreme audio loads.

All Climate Garden System speakers deliver a luxurious blend of subtle looks and natural audio bandwidth in gardens of all sizes. A garden system can consist of up to 16 CLG140 or CLG160 satellite speakers and up to three CLG-W10 or CLG-W12 subwoofers when using an IA800-2C amplifier in a 70/100 V line array. Depending on the garden area, the arrangement can be expanded with additional rows of satellites, subwoofers and amplifiers and works in a temperature range of -20° to +70° C.

Key features CLG-W10

  • Versatile mounting options – recessed into the ground or mounted above ground
  • Closed housing with powerful bass up to 35 Hz
  • Specially designed 'ICD' (Inverted Cone Driver) 10” subwoofer with C-CAM cone technology
  • 70/100 V and 4 Ohm tap for flexible system design - additional units can be connected and daisy chained
  • Roto-molded polymer housing - robust, solid and waterproof
  • IP54 rating - reliable and safe
  • Dark brown finish – blends in with the natural environment
  • Areas of application – for gardens, terraces and verandas for private and commercial use

Note : The CLG-W10 does not have an internal passive crossover and therefore requires an amplifier with a suitable crossover.