Monitor Audio MASS 5.1

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Monitor Audio MASS 5.1 (8527788867932)
Regular price €999,00
Regular price €999,00 Sale price €999,00

MASS was designed to deliver compelling sound from compact, stylish speakers and an unobtrusive subwoofer, combined with a sophisticated, timeless look. The result is a new level of performance for music, gaming and film.

Quick and easy to set up, MASS delivers immersive surround sound experiences in a compact design, making any room feel like a modern concert hall or cinema.

Music lovers, movie fans and gamers will appreciate this system because it puts you at the center of the action and brings incredible realism to your favorite songs, movies and games. The complete clarity, the complete drama, the absolute 360 ​​degree kick - and a new acoustic experience - are there to be enjoyed.


Hollywood knows that its soundtracks are as important a part of the moviegoing experience as its images - and thanks to MASS, you can enjoy your films faithfully with true home theater surround sound without having to empty your bank account or change the look of your room. Despite its size, MASS is able to deliver dynamic, room-filling sound with exactly the punch that Hollywood blockbusters bring. With absolute clarity to build tension in quieter scenes, incredible attack when things get explosive, and authentic effects placement to put you at the center of the story, MASS gives you the complete cinematic experience.


If you want to really immerse yourself in your gaming experience, there's no better way than MASS to put you right in the middle of the action. Gaming is enormously enriched by the precise placement of effects, seamless immersion in a 360-degree environment and, thanks to the subwoofer, its incredible low-frequency presence. Whether your favorite games rely on the roar of the crowd, the clatter of weapons, or the tense near-silence of a spooky alien planet, MASS gives you more of what you want. Enjoy every game scene like never before and take your experience to a whole new level.


Whether you like listening to your music in stereo or prefer a multi-channel mix, MASS brings your music to life. Thanks to the perfectly thought-out integration of the satellites and the subwoofer, MASS is an absolute listening pleasure - from the deepest bass notes to the crispest highs. Realistic stereo images put your favorite singer center stage, while the combination of MMP II driver technology and dome tweeters in each satellite gives each instrument exceptionally true-to-life tonality. The fast, controlled and, above all, deep bass from the subwoofer rounds MASS off with power and punch. It's the speaker system your music has been waiting for.

Key features MASS system


  • 2-way, closed housing, tuned for wide radiation and optimal integration with the MASS subwoofer
  • Stable, internally stiffened and fiber-reinforced housing
  • Fabric covers produced individually for Monitor Audio
  • Compact design with point source-like radiation for precise focus and dynamics
  • 3½" (89 mm) woofer/midrange driver with Metal Matrix Polymer ( MMP II ) cone technology. Advanced FEA simulation optimizes the reproduction quality of the cone and drive unit
  • 3/4" (19 mm) fabric tweeter with thermal fuse
  • Integrated holder for stand and wall mount (compatible with MASM wall mount)
  • Rear cover with hidden pole terminals


  • Compact, closed housing with 15 mm MDF and sturdy 18 mm MDF baffle
  • Individually manufactured fabric grille cover
  • 8" (203 mm) long-throw driver with MMP II cone
  • 120 watt Class D amplifier for efficient, powerful playback
  • Digital signal processor ( DSP ) with perfect filter characteristics
  • Advanced limiter guarantees controlled, authentic music reproduction
  • 3 presets ('Music', 'Movie', 'Impact') for a perfect performance at all times

Stand (Optional)

The new MASS stand has been designed to enhance the contemporary look of the MASS series and allow the MASS satellite to work at the perfect height. It features a precision-ground steel base and pole, an integrated bracket for easy speaker mounting, and a cable management system to hide the speaker cable.