Monitor Audio Silver 500 7G (pair)

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brand: Monitor Audio
Item number: #005504
Color: Black high gloss
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Monitor Audio Silver 500 7G
Regular price €2.798,00
Regular price €2.798,00 Sale price €2.798,00

Monitor Audio Silver 500 7G Sound enthusiasm & design

The Monitor Audio Silver 500 7G offer fundamental and powerful bass. To do this, you develop first-class resolution in the mid-range and high-frequency range. Beautiful appearance. It's not hard to understand what makes the Silver 500 7G special, but it's hard to appreciate how much of a difference these things make - until you hear them for yourself.

Silver 500 floorstanding speakers

There are many technical innovations in the Monitor Audio Silver 500 7G. Rigid Surface Technology II ensures that the sound remains absolutely clear and controlled even at high volumes. A crossover that perfectly coordinates the levels of the tweeter and woofer. A consistent and even frequency response that sounds great across all genres of music.

We could go on, but you only need to hear one thing: the first note of your favorite song, played by a pair of Silver 500 7G speakers. Then you will understand why these speakers offer everything the audiophile listener wants and what the casual listener needs.

Key features Monitor Audio Silver 500 7G

  • 1 x 1” (25mm) C-CAM gold tweeter with Uniform Dispersion (UD) Waveguide II for lifelike sound
  • 1 x 3” (76mm) C-CAM midrange driver with Rigid Surface Technology (RST) II for maximum clarity
  • 2 x 8” (203 mm) C-CAM woofers RST II for maximum clarity
  • 3-way design with dedicated midrange and woofers for the ultimate resolution
  • The Silver 500 7G has two 8" woofers for maximum bass level and depth
  • Perfect for medium to large rooms, whether stereo or home cinema
  • Rear bass reflex port with tuning for easy setup without affecting the sound
  • Increased stability thanks to robust outrigger feet and spikes for carpets or rubber feet for hard floors

First-class sound thanks to excellent workmanship

High levels and fine dynamics are characteristics that the Monitor Audio Silver 500 7G masters. No matter whether you want to enjoy a concert atmosphere with music or are looking for a cinema experience with cinematic sound. This speaker is perfect for you!

With a height of over one meter and a width of 23 centimeters, it offers enough space for integrating the drivers. Two 8-inch C-CAM RST II woofers, a 3-inch C-CAM RST II midrange driver and a 25-millimeter C-CAM Gold tweeter with the new Uniform Dispersion II waveguide.

In other words, if you want to experience maximum levels and pressure in your home or have a large living room and are looking for a speaker that can fill the room with premium sound. Then you should definitely give the Monitor Audio Silver 500 7G a try with us. Thanks to its high efficiency of 90.5 dB, this works easily with almost any amplifier.


principle 3 ways
Frequency response 27Hz - 35kHz
Efficiency (2.83 volts @ 1m) 90.5dB
Nominal impedance 8 ohms
Minimum impedance 4.1 ohms @ 150 Hz
Maximum sound pressure 111dB
Load capacity (RMS) 250 watts
Recommended amplifier power 80 - 250 watts
Crossover frequency LF: 800 Hz / MF/ HF: 2.7 kHz
Bass reflex tuning frequency 36Hz
Bass principle HiVe II bass reflex
Driver concept 2 x 8" RST II bass drivers
1 x 3" RST II woofer/midrange driver
1 x 1" (25 mm) C-CAM gold tweeter with UD waveguide
Housing dimensions (including cover and terminals (H x W x D)) 1050x230x332mm
Housing dimensions (including feet and spikes (H x W x D)) 1095x319x389mm
Weight 22.5kg
Offered as Couple