Experience the ultimate home cinema with the celexon Motor HomeCinema Plus Tension - CLR UST screen


Introduction: The home theater experience has changed drastically as technology advances. The boundaries between a cozy movie night at home and the big screen are becoming increasingly blurred. One of the main players in this development is the new “celexon Motor HomeCinema Plus Tension - CLR UST screen”, which offers impressive quality and functionality for ultra-short-throw projections. In this blog post we would like to introduce this product in more detail and show its advantages.

Product description: The celexon screen brings the cinema atmosphere directly into your living room. Thanks to the innovative “black grid CLR cloth” and the special cable tensioning system, it is perfectly coordinated with CLR (Contrast Light Rejecting) technology and offers the best flatness as well as vivid images and rich black levels.
celexon Motor HomeCinema Plus Tension - CLR UST screen

Advantages of the celexon screen:

  1. Unique design :

    • With an inconspicuous but elegant design, the screen fits harmoniously into modern living spaces and can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.
  2. Black Grid CLR technology :

    • The CLR technology effectively minimizes annoying scattered and residual light, so that you can enjoy a high-contrast and clear image even in daylight.
  3. Tension system :

    • The special cable tensioning system ensures excellent flatness, which is essential for ultra-short-distance projections and offers undisturbed image quality.
  4. Compatibility with modern projectors :

    • The screen is ideal for modern ultra-short throw projectors and transforms them into a true laser TV, a perfect alternative to large, classic TV sets.

Installation and handling: Installation is child's play thanks to the extensive accessories included. The screen can be conveniently controlled using an infrared remote control, automatically using a radio trigger or manually. The optional trigger, which extends the screen when the projector is turned on and retracts when it is turned off, is an additional highlight.

celexon Motor HomeCinema Plus Tension - CLR UST screen

Conclusion: The “celexon Motor HomeCinema Plus Tension - CLR UST screen” is a masterpiece of modern home cinema technology that has the potential to take your film experience to a new level. The combination of technical sophistication and visual elegance makes them an indispensable addition to your home theater.

Take a closer look at this impressive product on our website and see for yourself the quality and functionality: celexon Motor CLR UST canvas .

The celexon screen opens up new horizons in the world of home entertainment. Take the opportunity to upgrade your home theater experience!

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