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Choose Heimkino-Partner.de for your personal home cinema project and experience the difference that professional planning, first-class products and excellent customer service make.

  • Expertise:

    Benefit from our many years of experience and extensive knowledge in the area of ​​home cinema systems and construction. We are experts who stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and trends to give you the best home theater experience.

  • Individual planning:

    We take the time to understand your needs and wishes and develop a tailor-made concept for your home cinema. Every project is unique and we ensure that your home theater meets your needs and expectations.

  • High quality products:

    At Heimkino-Partner.de we only use the best products and brands to ensure that your home cinema has the highest possible quality. From projectors and screens to speakers and seating – we carefully select the right components for your home cinema.

  • Professional installation:

    Our experienced technicians will take care of the professional installation of your home cinema. We pay attention to details such as room acoustics, lighting and cabling to ensure optimal performance and a perfect home cinema experience.

  • Customer satisfaction:

    At Heimkino-Partner.de you are the focus. Our customers value our reliability, professionalism and the personal service we offer. We are proud to have numerous satisfied customers who recommend us.

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We begin every home theater project with a detailed planning phase to ensure that all aspects of your home theater are tailored to your needs and wants. We take room size, budget and technical requirements into account to develop a perfect home cinema concept for you.

Selection of technology:

At Heimkino-Partner.de we carefully select the right technology for your home cinema. We advise you on the selection of projectors, screens, speakers, AV receivers and other components to ensure a harmonious and high-performance system.

Electrical installation

In contrast to other competitors, we have trained electricians on our team. Electrical work is carried out professionally and is secured. We understand your challenges. If you wish, we can accompany you in a new building or a complete modernization in the electrical area. Well-founded electrical planning saves a lot of time, nerves and costs. We would be happy to accompany you in the shell construction phase and support you with expert electrical installation.


You need a stage for speaker integration or would like to have a second seating area with a platform. Then you've come to the right place, our team will build your home cinema for you.

  • Platform construction with bass trap and lighting including electrical installation
  • Stage for loudspeaker integration behind an acoustic screen
  • Boxes for projector installation, loudspeaker integration, screen integration or light cove including electrical work
  • Suspended ceiling with lighting and speaker integration and electrical installation
  • specific drywall solution for your project
  • Projector nest or projector box for wall or ceiling installation

Room acoustics:

Optimal room acoustics are crucial for an impressive home cinema experience. We analyze the room acoustics of your home theater and, if necessary, recommend acoustic treatments or special materials to optimize the sound quality.


The right lighting is essential for a successful home cinema. We plan and install individual lighting concepts that ensure both the enjoyment of the film and a pleasant atmosphere.


Our experienced technicians will install your home cinema professionally and ensure clean cabling and integration of the various components. We make sure that all elements are optimally coordinated to ensure a perfect home cinema experience.


Even after installation, we are available to you at Heimkino-Partner.de. We offer maintenance services to ensure the longevity and performance of your home theater, providing quick support and repairs when needed.

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Realized projects

  • Modern home cinema in the living room:

    In this project we transformed a living room into a modern home theater with a 4K projector, acoustically transparent screen and Dolby Atmos surround sound. The result: an immersive home theater experience in a stylish, multifunctional space.

  • Luxus Heimkino

    Luxurious private cinema in the basement:

    This luxurious private cinema was built in the basement of a single-family home and can accommodate 9 people. It features a huge screen, high-end speakers, comfortable seating and atmospheric LED lighting.

  • Heimkino mit Sportbar

    Home cinema with a sports bar atmosphere:

    In this project we combined the elements of a home theater with a sports bar to create a unique experience for sports fans. With a large screen, a high-quality sound system, a well-stocked minibar and a pool table, this room became the perfect place for communal sporting events.

We are here to answer all your questions.

How does the planning process for my home theater work?

The planning process begins with a personal conversation to discuss your wishes and needs. We then analyze the room and create an individual home cinema concept that is tailored to your requirements and budget. After presenting the concept and making any adjustments, we start implementing it.

How much does a home theater cost?

The cost of a home theater varies depending on the scope of the project, the technology chosen and individual requirements. At Heimkino-Partner.de we offer tailor-made solutions for different budgets to ensure the optimal home cinema experience for every customer.

How do I choose the right technology for my home theater?

At Heimkino-Partner.de we support you in choosing the optimal technology for your home cinema. We consider factors such as room size, lighting, budget and your personal preferences to select the best components for your system.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Home Theater?

Installation time depends on the complexity of the project. Installing a home theater typically takes anywhere from a few days to several weeks. We at Heimkino-Partner.de strive to carry out the installation as efficiently as possible in order to minimize the disruption for you.

Can I upgrade my existing home theater?

Yes, we also offer upgrades to existing home theaters. Whether you want to update your technology, improve the room acoustics or install new lighting, we are happy to help you upgrade your home cinema.

Does Heimkino-Partner.De also offer maintenance and support?

Yes, we provide maintenance services and technical support for our customers. If you have any problems with your home theater or require regular maintenance, we are here to help ensure the longevity and performance of your home theater.

Which cities are covered for home construction in the north?

We also offer our home theater construction service to customers throughout Germany. Our core area covers the entire northwest area around the metropolitan regions of Bremen and Hamburg.

  • Home cinema construction Bremen
  • Home cinema construction Hamburg
  • Home cinema construction Oldenburg
  • Home cinema construction Bremerhaven
  • Home cinema construction Hanover
  • Worpswede, Lilienthal, Winsen, Seevetal, Rotenburg, Ritterhude, Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Braunschweig, Kiel, Flensburg, Göttingen, Osnabrück, Lüneburg, Wolfsburg, Nordhorn, Cuxhaven, Emden, Hildesheim and much more.

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