Discover the possibilities of garden sound reinforcement

  • What is garden sound and why is it part of the smart home solutions?

    Garden sound systems transform your outdoor area into an acoustic dream. Whether you want to create a relaxed atmosphere for your next barbecue or provide the ultimate outdoor cinema experience, our high-quality garden sound system makes it possible. In combination with our smart home solutions, you can conveniently control your music or audio content and adapt it to any situation.

  • Our services for garden sound and smart home

    We offer a wide range of services specializing in garden sound and smart home solutions. From advice to selecting the right components to installation and maintenance – we are your partner for a perfect outdoor sound experience.

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  • Outdoorl Lautsprecher

    Perfect sound with a view of the water

  • Outdoor TV solution with sound system

  • Corner to relax in the garden

We are here to answer all your questions.

How does the planning process for my home theater work?

The planning process begins with a personal conversation to discuss your wishes and needs. We then analyze the room and create an individual home cinema concept that is tailored to your requirements and budget. After presenting the concept and making any adjustments, we start implementing it.

How much does a home theater cost?

The cost of a home theater varies depending on the scope of the project, the technology chosen and individual requirements. At we offer tailor-made solutions for different budgets to ensure the optimal home cinema experience for every customer.

How do I choose the right technology for my home theater?

At we support you in choosing the optimal technology for your home cinema. We consider factors such as room size, lighting, budget and your personal preferences to select the best components for your system.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Home Theater?

Installation time depends on the complexity of the project. Installing a home theater typically takes anywhere from a few days to several weeks. We at strive to carry out the installation as efficiently as possible in order to minimize the disruption for you.

Can I upgrade my existing home theater?

Yes, we also offer upgrades to existing home theaters. Whether you want to update your technology, improve the room acoustics or install new lighting, we are happy to help you upgrade your home cinema.

Does Heimkino-Partner.De also offer maintenance and support?

Yes, we provide maintenance services and technical support for our customers. If you have any problems with your home theater or require regular maintenance, we are here to help ensure the longevity and performance of your home theater.

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