Artnovion Alps diffuser

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brand: Artnovion
Item number: #001030
Color: blanc (white) semi gloss
Regular price €489,00
Regular price €489,00 Sale price €489,00
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Artnovion Alps (8527775596892)
Regular price €489,00
Regular price €489,00 Sale price €489,00

Perfect reflection control on an elegant and fully optimized panel. The Artnovion Alps are designed to spread across every axis. It can be used behind speakers to treat initial reflections or on the back walls. A unique design and a welcome addition to any room.

The Artnovion Alps W Diffuser is an attractive solid wood QRD ( q uadratic r esidue d diffusor) diffuser designed for medium and high frequency sound diffusion with a bandwidth of 250 Hz to 5000 Hz. Specially designed to interrupt reflections, the Artnovion Alps scatters the sound waves over a larger area without removing the energy from the room.

Artnovion Alps

The Alps W diffuser improves sound clarity and creates an even sound field. The Alps W are easy to install and are available in a variety of finishes including painted finishes. Heimkino Partner will also be happy to show you the diffuser in a specialist store. It comes into its own in our reference cinema.

Artnovion Alps diffuser Artnovion Alps diffuser