Control4 T4 In-Wall Touch Screen

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Control4 T4 In-Wall Touch Screen (8527724413276)
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With the new Control4 T4 Touch Screen you get the perfect tool for the Control4 Smart Home System. The T4 touch screen requires a Control4 OS3 system for installation and must be integrated into your smart home by a certified dealer. Questions? Please feel free to contact us.

Give yourself the ultimate smart home experience with the Control4 T4 touchscreen. A direct replacement for the T3 touchscreen, the T4 offers a high-resolution screen, dual microphones and more powerful speakers than the T3. With its increased features, the T4 is the perfect companion for the new Control4 Chime Video Doorbell, OS 3 and Intercom Anywhere.

In-wall touchscreens provide your customers with a point of complete control that is always on and always available in a convenient, predictable location.

T4's installer-friendly design lets you install more systems faster. No special tools are required for installation or removal from the wall. High-strength magnets secure it in place. Additionally, T4 uses the same backbox as T3 for hassle-free retrofits, making T4 a simple yet effective upgrade for any smart home.

Control4 T4 In-Wall Touch Screen Highlights

  • 8" and 10" model
  • Available in black and white versions
  • Screen Resolution: 1920x1200
  • Dual microphones and larger speakers
  • An elevated experience for Chime , OS 3 and Intercom Anywhere
  • PoE or Wi-Fi (2.4GHz + 5GHz)
  • Tool-free installation and removal
  • High strength magnets and tamper proof screw
  • Compatible with T3 backbox


Improved features

The T4 is the most powerful touchscreen we've ever built, with twice the resolution of the T3, dual microphones, more powerful speakers and a faster processor. Additionally, the T4 can be installed in the same backbox as the T3, so installing a T4 on every job is an easy way to improve your customer's smart home experience.

The ideal smart home interface

T4's upgraded features enable clear communication and seamless control of the entire smart home experience, from lighting and music to blinds, thermostats and more. Unlike a smartphone or tablet, T4 is always connected, allowing customers to get a complete picture of their property at a glance via the OS 3 dashboard.

Quick & easy installations

Tool-free installation (no ribbon cable required) allows for quick touchscreen installation and removal, and assembly is easy and secure thanks to strong magnets and a tamper-proof screw. Additionally, the T4 is available in portable and flush-mount models and uses the same backbox as all Control4 touchscreens built since 2010 for a quick retrofit solution.

T4 Touch Screen + Chime: A perfect pair

Combined with T4's superior audio and video quality, Chime offers security-conscious customers complete peace of mind. The T4's faster processor instantly shows customers who is at their door, and its always-on connection to Intercom Anywhere makes it easy to communicate with visitors on the porch or other people in the house.

Integrated commercial features

Easily create complex multimedia systems in bars, restaurants, conference rooms and other commercial environments with Control4. With the power of OS 3, Access Agent allows you to lock or password protect certain features of the T4 touchscreen to ensure business environments are controlled only by authorized users.