Deluxx Cyber ​​Polaro SE Exclusive motorized screen

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execution: Cyber ​​Polaro SE 398 x 224 cm - incl. 30 cm feed - 16:9
Regular price €1.749,00
Regular price €1.749,00 Sale price €1.749,00
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Deluxx Cyber Polaro SE Exklusive Motorleinwand (8527788409180)
Regular price €1.749,00
Regular price €1.749,00 Sale price €1.749,00

Cyber ​​Polaro SE motorized screen for optimal image quality - perfect integration into the living room thanks to the elegant and simple housing including infrared remote control and a connection cable for the trigger control.

Motorized screen Cyber ​​Polaro SE - Excellent motorized screen with a first-class price/performance ratio

  • Motor screen with integrated 12V trigger input, an input for an external. Infrared receiver and an RS232 connection.
  • An infrared remote control and a connection cable for trigger control are included in the scope of delivery.
  • From an image width of 266 cm, the IR receiver is located externally.
  • Projection screen made of PVC and opaque black backing
  • attractive, rounded aluminum housing - therefore less noticeable
  • Wall or ceiling mounting can be freely selected using the included mounting bracket
  • All-round black edge to enhance contrast (side edge thickness 5 cm each) with black leading edge
  • The lower weighting rod ensures that the projection screen is optimally flat. Up to and including 266 cm image width, it protrudes approx. 1.6 cm beyond the cloth on each side. From an image width of 267 cm, there are 2.6 cm on each side. The total width of the weighting bars is calculated from the visible image width plus the black edges and the overhang.
  • continuous height adjustment of the image
  • Cable entry to the motor is on the left
  • Available image widths: 170 cm to 398 cm

The Cyber ​​Polaro is available in 8 dimensions in a 16:9 format.

Image size/lead Box dimensions (LxWxH cm) bracket Price
170cm/95cm/85cm 195x9x9 Ceiling/wall 2 cm €849
203cm/114cm/65cm 227x9x9 Ceiling/wall 2 cm €949
221cm/124cm/55cm 246x9x9 Ceiling/wall 2 cm 1049,- €€
234cm/126cm/50cm 259x9x9 Ceiling/wall 2 cm 1149,- €€
265cm/149cm/40cm 290x9x9 Ceiling/wall 2 cm €1,249
294cm/165cm/30cm 324x14x14 Ceiling/wall 2 cm €1,449
332cm/186cm/30cm 362x14x14 Ceiling/wall 2 cm €1,549
398cm/224cm/30cm 428x14x14 Ceiling/wall 2 cm €1,749

On the small motorized screens, the housing is 15 cm wider on the left and 10 cm on the right than the image size.
On the large motorized screens, the housing is 16 cm wider on the left and 14 cm on the right than the image size.


Also available in 21:9 Cinemascope format

Cyber ​​Polaro 21:9 40cm forward ... 265 cm image dimension width ... 1249,- €€
Cyber ​​Polaro 21:9 30cm forward ... 294 cm image dimension width ... 1449,- €€
Cyber ​​Polaro 21:9 30cm forward ... 332 cm image dimension width ... 1549,- €€
Cyber ​​Polaro 21:9 30cm forward ... 398 cm image dimension width ... 1749,- €€