DALI PHANTOM E-50 built-in speaker

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brand: Dali
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DALI PHANTOM E-50 (8527658287452)
Regular price €159,00
Regular price €159,00 Sale price €159,00

With a required installation opening of just 20 centimeters in diameter, the PHANTOM E-50 fits into any ceiling and wall with a corresponding cavity.

DALI PHANTOM E-50 built-in speaker

The DALI PHANTOM E-50 is a particularly compact built-in loudspeaker. It requires an installation opening of only 19.9 cm in diameter. The combination of a 130 mm bass-midrange driver and a 28 mm fabric tweeter guarantees velvety-smooth yet dynamic music reproduction.

DALI's PHANTOM E series was primarily developed for installation in ceilings, but the speakers can also be installed in walls. Thanks to their particularly compact design and the ingeniously simple compass positioning system, the speakers are ready for use in no time. The sound properties of the speakers can be optimized to suit the respective room and acoustic conditions using two switches. The slightly angled woofer and the dome tweeter placed slightly off center harmonize perfectly with each other and deliver a detailed and crisp sound. The polypropylene membrane is better protected against any moisture than the wood fiber membranes usually used in DALI. This means that the PHANTOM E series can be used in even more versatile ways than other DALI built-in speakers. Square speaker covers are also available as an option for the PHANTOM E series models.

DALI's PHANTOM E-50 not only combines compact dimensions with top acoustic performance, it also transfers the advantages of a traditional cabinet loudspeaker to wall and ceiling installations. The drivers of the two-way system are fixed in a sturdy baffle made of solid MDF to save space. As a result, the chassis find solid working conditions free of annoying vibrations. In addition, the robust construction ensures optimal integration into the wall or ceiling. The DALI PHANTOM E-50 can be installed in just a few steps: The completely newly designed baffle becomes thicker towards the outer edges, meaning that it sits tighter and more securely in the mounting surface. This design also contributes to better stability of the entire speaker. The PHANTOM E-50 is held in place by pivoting brackets that can be locked firmly from the baffle with a screwdriver and can be used with a mounting surface of up to 70 mm thick.

The covers of the PHANTOM E series were designed so that they lie particularly flat and the speakers integrate harmoniously into the surroundings. They are held in place by two invisible magnets. The scope of delivery includes two round front covers; square ones are available as accessories at an additional cost.

The crossover was designed specifically for the PHANTOM E-50 and consists entirely of selected components that meet the highest audiophile requirements. All PHANTOM E-series models have a protection circuit. This protects the chassis from possible overload if the speakers play at very high volumes for a long time. Since built-in loudspeakers are often installed in such a way that they are not only intended to provide sound for the room in which they are installed, the PHANTOM E-50 is also well secured in this way, e.g. B. the listener in the next room briefly turns the volume up very high and the speakers would be damaged without Schultz switching. The protective circuit responds like a fuse if too high a current flows.

The cabling of the speaker chassis is laid out and fastened in such a way that all connections are secure and no annoying noises can arise. The connection terminals are placed directly on the crossover board to keep the signal path as short as possible. Spring clips ensure a secure and permanent connection to the speaker cable.

The tweeter with its 25 mm fabric dome sits in a plastic housing almost in the middle above the woofer. The two arms of the holder are aerodynamically shaped like the profile of an aircraft wing. Due to the coaxial arrangement of the two chassis, the dimensions of the system are particularly compact. The special shape of the holder for the tweeter and its placement slightly outside the center prevent the “coaxial discoloration” that is otherwise typical of coaxial systems and caused by the arrangement of the chassis. Nevertheless, the listeners can fully enjoy the great advantage of such systems - an exceptionally spatial sound image. The scale division of a compass ring on the edge of the loudspeaker helps to optimally align the loudspeaker for the respective room.

An important goal in the development of the PHANTOM E-50 was to provide the most diverse possible uses. The coaxial system should also be able to be used where the use of traditional DALI housing loudspeakers is not possible or recommended - for example in basements, bathrooms or in protected outdoor areas. In order to ensure both optimal durability and excellent sound quality, the membranes are made of polypropylene. The mid-woofer is installed at a slight angle, which allows the system to be angled in one direction and thus targeted sound. The membrane, surround and magnetic drive are designed according to the DALI philosophy to minimize losses. This means that the PHANTOM E-50 develops its full sound quality even with comparatively small amplifiers.

All DALI loudspeakers are developed according to the principle of the widest possible radiation angle. Because not only - as is usual with many other loudspeakers - should the listeners experience a pronounced stereo panorama exactly in the middle opposite the speakers, but also those people who are to the side or further back in the listening room. This approach can be implemented particularly well in conjunction with speakers integrated flush into the ceiling or wall. This means that DALI's PHANTOM series ensures that music, speech and film soundtracks are reproduced in an easily understandable and spatially accurate manner throughout the room, regardless of the position of the listeners. The DALI PHANTOM E-50 has two switches with which you can change the sound . Audio settings that can be used to adjust the performance of the speaker. The switches can be adjusted independently of each other.

If you move the first switch from “Normal” to “HF tilt”, the sound pressure level of the tweeter is increased by 3 dB. This can be recommended, for example, if one of the installed PHANTOM E-50 speakers is installed further away from the others. With the treble level raised, the listeners then perceive all systems to be equally loud and correspondingly balanced and spatial.

Very subtle design

With the particularly flat, magnetic covers, the built-in speakers become almost invisible in most living spaces.

Wide angle radiation

All DALI speakers are designed to radiate sound as broadly as possible. This ensures that an optimal listening experience is not only possible at the listening position exactly in the middle in front of the speakers

Flexibility in function

Provided there are suitable cavities in the ceiling or wall, the PHANTOM E series models can be easily installed in any room. The wide-angle radiation and the sound, which can be adjusted using a switch, ensure a real HiFi music experience everywhere.

easy installation

The built-in speakers can be securely and permanently fixed in just a few steps using special rotating mounting brackets.

Technical data

series PHANTOM
Frequency range (+/- 3 dB) [Hz] 58 - 25,000
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) [dB] 87.0
Nominal impedance [Ω] 8th
Maximum sound pressure level [dB] 104
Recommended amplifier power [W] 40 - 120
Transition frequencies [Hz] 3,600
Tweeter / number 1 x 28mm
Tweeter, type of membrane fabric dome
Mid-bass speakers / number 1 x 130mm
Low-midrange driver, type of membrane Polypropylene membrane
Housing type open to the back
Recommended Working Volume 5 - 35 L
Entrances two screw terminals
Recommended setup Wall installation
Ceiling installation
Features directed / scattered
normal / treble boost
Housing dimensions (ØxD) [mm] 230x100
Installation dimensions (ØxD) [mm] ø 197
Accessories included Cutting template
Logo plaque
operation manual
Optional accessories Square cover
Weight [kg] 1.58
Recommended volume [liters] 5-35