DALI RUBICON 6 floorstanding speakers exhibitors (pair) white

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DALI RUBICON 6 Standlautsprecher Aussteller (Paar) weiß (8527659204956)
Regular price €2.999,00
Regular price €4.398,00 Sale price €2.999,00

Like the RUBICON 5, the RUBICON 6 is a graceful floor-standing speaker, but has a second 165 mm bass-midrange driver. The additional chassis makes the box sound more powerful and controlled.

DALI RUBICON 6 floorstanding speakers

Like the RUBICON 5, the DALI RUBICON 6 is a graceful floor-standing speaker, but has a second 165 mm bass-midrange driver. The additional chassis makes the box sound more powerful and controlled. And thanks to the larger membrane area, the DALI RUBICON 6 is able to fill even larger rooms with a voluminous and deep bass.

Before the audio signal coming from the amplifier is converted into audible sounds, it has already come a long way. Since the rule “the shorter the better” applies to the transmission of electrical currents, the DALI developers ensured an extremely short signal path inside the RUBICON loudspeakers. The crossover is located directly on the back of the connection terminals so that the audio signals delivered via the speaker cable can be distributed to the individual frequency ranges of the speaker chassis as soon as they arrive.

Since very high-quality, broadband loudspeaker drivers are used throughout the RUBICON series, the crossovers could be designed quite easily in the interest of keeping the audio signal as true to the original as possible. The separated signals also reach the drivers over short distances using carefully selected, particularly low-loss cables.

The DALI RUBICON 6 is equipped with connection terminals that also allow bi-wiring and bi-amping connections. The gold-plated terminals accept banana plugs, cable lugs and twisted cable ends. The clamps can be fixed with a high torque because their very fine threads are mechanically extremely precise and thus guarantee a reliable connection between cable and loudspeaker.

Undistorted, discoloration-free and detailed music reproduction has always been part of the DALI specifications. With the “Linear Drive Magnet System”, which consists of the powdered magnetic material SMC (“Soft Magnetic Compound”), it was possible to significantly improve the sound quality in the upper loudspeaker segment. Transferring this know-how to cheaper loudspeakers proved to be extremely difficult. The intention to make the best possible use of the positive effect of the SMC material and at the same time not to make the structure of the magnetic drive too complicated led to countless experiments. The result was an SMC pole piece covered with a copper cap and enclosed in a large ferrite magnet. In this way, the advantage of SMC could be used optimally without increasing effort and costs too much. The use of SMC brings many advantages, but above all the distortions in the magnetic drive caused by mechanical losses are significantly reduced. SMC's unique ability to combine high magnetic conductivity with very low electrical conductivity enabled us to develop an excellent loudspeaker drive without the disadvantages previously encountered. The distortions and thus the discoloration in the sound reproduction could be significantly reduced.

DALI's hybrid tweeter module combines a fabric dome with a ribbon tweeter and in this way delivers a transparent, detailed and spatial tweeter reproduction like no other conventional tweeter technology. The ribbon is a magnetostatic tweeter. Four bands of conductive material form the active membrane, which is controlled by a strong magnetic field surrounding it. The transmission range of the ribbon extends from 14 to above 30 kHz. Below that, the tweeter dome, which starts at 2.5 kHz, takes over. The extreme bandwidth and the very even and horizontally wide radiation are important features of the typical DALI sound.

Since the SMC magnetic drive developed by DALI produces almost no annoying distortions, the other components should also be of similarly good quality. The extremely light and at the same time extremely stable wood fiber cone membranes with their intentionally uneven surface structure come from the same company that also produces the EPICON membranes. The membrane can move very easily like a piston and possible surface resonances are reduced to a minimum. All in all, these measures ensure very detailed and almost discoloration-free music reproduction, even at low volumes. The cone is surrounded by a soft, low-loss rubber surround that was developed from scratch and tailor-made for the RUBICON drivers. The bead guarantees that the membrane can move easily and without energy loss. All components are fixed in an aluminum basket, which allows maximum air movement around the cone and magnet system. The use of a non-electrically conductive aluminum basket further ensures that the magnetic field around the magnetic drive is not affected.

Enclosures made from medium-density fiberboard (MDF) form the solid basis for operating the chassis, which is screwed directly to the 25 mm thick baffle. In order to optimally fix the woofers and integrate them into the housing, the five screws are located exactly in the extensions of the bars of the speaker basket. The tweeter module is attached with four screws to eliminate annoying vibrations and resonances. Each housing offers separate chambers for the midrange and bass drivers. This allows the housing volume to be optimized precisely to the respective chassis and the frequency range it transmits. There is also an individual bass reflex opening directly behind each woofer, which reduces turbulence to a minimum and optimizes the running times between the woofer and the reflex opening. Multiple internal struts also prevent unwanted cabinet resonances and sound discoloration.

DALI SMC SMC magnet system

Using an SMC pole piece surrounded by a slotted copper cover and located within a large ferrite magnet, the benefits of SMC magnetic material can be maximized and distortion can be virtually eliminated.

DALI hybrid Hybrid tweeter module

The hybrid tweeter is a distinctive feature of DALI speakers and is produced for the RUBICON series in Denmark. It combines an ultra-light tweeter dome with a ribbon for the highest frequencies above 14 kHz.

Special housing structure

The midrange and bass drivers have separate housing chambers, which means that each chassis can be optimally tuned to its respective transmission range.

Dali membrane Wood fiber membranes

Wood fibers give the particularly light and torsion-resistant membranes of the RUBICON woofers manufactured in the Danish DALI factory an uneven surface structure. The membrane vibrates evenly like a piston and has only minimal resonances.