Deluxx Darkvision contrast screen Tension motor screen

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brand: Deluxx
Item number: #001286
execution: 177 x 100cm - 16:9
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Deluxx Darkvision Kontrastleinwand Tension Motorleinwand (8527762620764)
Regular price €1.299,00
Regular price Sale price €1.299,00

The Deluxx DARKVISION Tension ALR is a high-quality, motorized screen in an elegant matt white housing - inconspicuous for every living room and home cinema.

Deluxx Darkvision contrast screen Tension motor screen

Deluxx Darkvision contrast screen Tension is an excellent ALR high contrast screen. The screen has almost as much influence on the image quality in bright living rooms as the home cinema projector itself. Any stray light from lamps or annoying light reflections from white walls or the ceiling spoil the home cinema experience.

Hochkontrastleinwand Deluxx

Advantages of a high contrast screen over a white screen

Is there a solution for this? Absolutely, with the Deluxx Darkvision 0.8 Gain contrast cloth "DARKVISION" you can increase your black value by up to a factor of 8, depending on the room. The high contrast cloth filters out the annoying scattered light and focuses the projection light onto the viewer.

The result is a razor-sharp, attractively high-contrast and color-accurate projection that you would never be able to achieve with a white screen. All of this at a very fair market price.

Deluxx Darkvision Kontrastleinwand Tension Motorleinwand

Modern and elegant housing

The Deluxx Darkvision Contrast Screen Tension Motorized Screen is a high-quality, motorized screen in an attractive white matt colored housing. Unobtrusive for every living room and home cinema. The canvas is specifically designed to maximize black levels and in-image contrast.

With this screen you can immediately say goodbye to annoying “washout effects” or “gray haze”. The Deluxx high contrast cloth increases the black value by up to a factor of 8. Experience your projector in a new way. Vivid Full HD and 4K HDR films like in the cinema are possible with this screen.

Deluxe case

Canvas cloth Deluxx Darkvision contrast canvas Tension motor screen:

  • DARKVISION technology for up to 8x increase in black level
  • Significantly better in-image contrast than classic cloth surfaces
  • extremely fine cloth structure: 8K suitable
  • wide 150 degree viewing angle
  • black masking
  • Black lead adapted to the format
  • Dimensionally stable and rigid screw winding shaft with a large diameter for optimal flatness and freedom from streaks

Tuchaufbau Hochkontrastleinwand

Deluxx's DARKVISION contrast cloth was developed with an extremely fine surface structure and is already 8K suitable and almost 100% color neutral. The lateral cable tension (Tension System) enables a very good flatness and can be continuously re-adjusted on each side if necessary. This is how dog ears can be straightened effectively.

Advantages of the motorized screen compared to other ALR high contrast screens

Absolutely unique in this price range is the combination of the built-in and professional snail winding roll with the particularly heavy weight bar. This combination delivers a long service life and extremely good flatness and image quality. The entire motor screen structure is complex and has other image advantages such as:

  • ALR contrast enhancement: Best black value and contrast gain of all contrast screens under 2,000 euros
  • Anti-reflection layer: Minimization of annoying light reflections and scattered and residual light in home theaters and living rooms
  • High image stability: High color neutrality and homogeneous image illumination with a wide 150 degree viewing angle
  • Homogeneity: No annoying ALR glitter or hotspot problems thanks to consistent low-gain screen technology

Assembly and design:

  • Matt white aluminum canvas housing in a subtle design
  • Intelligent, inconspicuous & flexible mounting profiles for wall or ceiling installation including drilling template
  • Integrated spirit level, canvas can be finely straightened after installation
  • Easy installation and plug & play connection Power cable via cold device coupling
  • Special lateral tension system straightens “dog ears”
  • Very quiet Deluxx quality tubular motor: durable, quiet and quick

ROHS, REACH, CE - 2014/53/EU

Screen control:
  • Integrated radio receiver + separate infrared receiver with associated remote control
  • Side buttons on the case with 3 functions: Up, Stop and Down
  • Trigger: 5V-20V (AC/DC)
  • RJ12 (RS232/RS485 protocol) connection for RTI, Crestron, Control4 etc.
  • potential-free contacts via RJ12

A wireless integration into your Logitech remote control (codes are stored with Logitech) is no problem. In addition, the motorized screen also offers a 5V-20V trigger input (screen automatically moves down/up when the projector is on/off).

Professional integration via RS232/RS485 into systems from Crestron or RTI, for example, as well as potential-free contacts are also available. You have the choice!

Scope of delivery Deluxx Darkvision contrast screen Tension motor screen:
  • DELUXX rope tension motor screen with DARKVISION ALR cloth
  • IEC cable in white
  • RF remote control
  • IR remote control
  • Batteries 3x CR2032
  • 5m trigger cable
  • IR receiving eye
  • Wall/ceiling mounting bracket
  • Drilling template & spirit level for perfect installation
  • Instructions & canvas usage instructions
  • Spirit level