DSPeaker Anti-Mode 8033 s-II

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brand: DSPeaker
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DSPeaker Anti-Mode 8033 Cinema (8527783657820)
Regular price €399,00
Regular price €399,00 Sale price €399,00

DSPeaker Anti-Mode 8033 s-II

Room resonances or standing waves that arise in every room prevent the optimal use of even the best hi-fi systems or their subwoofers. Without corrective measures, you will suffer from overblown, wobbling bass, it will "boom" and you may only hear part of the frequencies reproduced in the music signal. These resonances are particularly excited in the corner positions, a position that is however suitable for deep bass sound sources in order to ensure good or even sound distribution in the room.
The Anti-Mode 8033 Technology (TM) eliminates these acoustic room resonances by fully automatically adjusting both the amplitude and the phase behavior (the time scale of the resonances relative to each other) of the interfering frequencies with ultra-precise, customer-specific filters.
In conjunction with the Anti-Mode 8033 s-II, you can treat yourself to the luxury of operating your subwoofers in the corners of the room and linearizing them to the listening position at the push of a button. This correction has a positive effect from the bass to the midrange, as the harmonic multiples of the excessive frequencies are also eliminated.

The AM8033 s-II is a further development of the AM8033C with regard to use in the stereo range to support a 2.1 or 2.x (i.e. more than one subwoofer) configuration. The mono output of an AV controller and (via a stereo-mono adapter) the pre-out output of a stereo chain can also be connected to a shared subwoofer. The device also takes into account the special behavior of dipole subwoofers, for which it provides two correction filters.

The device is typically installed in front of the subwoofer. During the very precise calibration with 36 filters, it measures the subwoofer behavior in the room using a series of signal sweeps between 16-250Hz, either in the best listening position or optimized for an extended seating area. This means that not only the sound in the room but also the subwoofer transmission behavior is improved.

Measurement and calibration of the room are carried out very simply at the push of a button; no PC or similar special equipment is required. After the measurement, you can choose between 4 different equalizer lift modes and a freely switchable subsonic filter, as well as 5 cut-off frequencies.
You can use bypass mode to check the differences achieved with or without corrections at any time. This allows you to easily identify the best place for your subwoofer in the room.
The highly linear measurement microphone and the power supply adapter are included in the scope of delivery.

Technical data for the model AM 8033 s-II:

  • New, improved anti-mode room correction calculation
  • Suitable for stereo and home cinema use
  • 2 RCA inputs for mixing stereo channels to a mono output signal
  • 2 RCA outputs with 0° / 180° phase (connection of several subs possible via Y adapter)
  • Automatic, gentle on and off function
  • Refined correction through 36 antimodal filters
  • Four operating modes to choose from (Flat, 20 Hz / 25 Hz / 30 Hz boost)
  • Two correction filters for dipole subwoofers
  • Five lowpass (cut-off) frequencies to choose from (60, 80, 100, 120, 140 Hz)
  • Freely switchable subsonic filter (10 Hz)
  • LED display ex works in blue
  • Improved dynamics through increased signal-to-noise ratio
  • Linearizable frequency range from 16 -250 Hz
  • Extended transmission range of 5 Hz - 250 Hz (-3dB)
  • Flexible input voltage (9V≈ and 12V= for vehicle use)
  • Gold-plated, protruding RCA sockets
  • Measuring microphone with 5m connection cable included
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 126 mm x 80 mm x 28 mm

When should you choose which 8033 model (Cinema vs. s-II)?

You should consider the AM8033 s-II if you...

  • want to consider operation on a stereo (pre-)amplifier
  • want to feed both an AVR output and a stereo chain (via a stereo-mono adapter) to the shared sub
  • want to connect two subs without a Y adapter
  • want to use a symmetrical connection to the sub (which can be achieved using an adapter).
  • have quite complicated acoustics in the room and want 8 additional PEQ filters for linearization
  • have dipole subwoofers, for which the "s-II" offers two special correction filters
  • value the additional 25 Hz lift mode from 15-35 Hz
  • in Stereo 2.1 mode you need one of the five new cut-off frequencies
  • If you want the extended correction range of 16 - 250 Hz (e.g. for an active bass section in full-range LS)

If you don't need these usage options, you can use the AM8033 Cinema. However, if you want to manually intervene in the corrections and view the measurement results, or if you want two channels, please choose the new Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core.