Elac PS250-BK Premium Subwoofer black

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Elac PS250-BK Subwoofer (8527661629788)
Regular price €749,00
Regular price Sale price €749,00

Highlight in the subwoofer segment under EUR 1,000. The 10″ Elac PS-250-BK impresses with controlled draft, auto equalizer, app control and the optionally available NAVIS transmitter. This means that the subwoofer can be operated without a cinch cable and could be the perfect solution for one or two difficult rooms.

Elac PS250-BK is the entry into the new subwoofer premium series from Elac. It starts with the small but powerful 10" subwoofer PS250-BK.

Eliminate placement challenges with ELAC's AUTO EQ. ELAC's new premium subwoofer series offers unbeatable performance and performance in a sleek, modern design.

The new Elac PS-250-BK offers tremendous performance at an affordable price. With advanced features such as the BASH amplifier, improved app control and ELAC's revolutionary Auto EQ system. With a new subwoofer from the Premium Series, you create the perfect solution to complete your home theater or music setup.

  • Bash amplifier
  • Auto EQ system
  • App control

Elac PS250-BK

Elac PS250-BK with Bash amplifier

The discrete implementation of these tracking amplifiers allows for maximum voltage swing and delivers all required power and additional dynamic performance across the woofers' entire operating range.

Bash Verstärker Subwoofer

Auto EQ and improved app control

Subwoofer placement can be a serious challenge. This is because they are usually placed in corners or hidden next to sofas, causing reflections, peaks or complete cancellations. The principle of ELAC Auto-EQ is to remove the effect of room by taking a near-field measurement and comparing it with a far-field (listening position) measurement.

This allows a greater degree of freedom to place the subwoofer where it meets all requirements. You can calibrate the Elac PS250-BK with the 3rd generation "Sub Control 3.0" app with excellent auto-EQ room correction. From now on, the app also allows you to set up more than one subwoofer.

Elac PS250-BK App Control

Technical data of the Elac PS250-BK

Type active subwoofer
principle Bass reflex, front fire
Rated/music power (W) 250/500W
Transmission range (Hz)

27Hz to 150Hz

24 Hz to 150 Hz (InRoom)

Crossover frequency (Hz) 40Hz to 150Hz

RCA line level, speaker level

USB (Firmware Updates)

Input sensitivity (mV) 250mV
Stand-by circuit <0.5 watts
Amplifier technology BASH amplifier
App control iOS and Android
Dimensions (HxWxD) 381x360x360mm
Weight 16.4kg

Control your ELAC PS250-BK wirelessly with the Navis transmitter. The optimal subwoofer solution for rooms where you cannot lay a subwoofer RCA cable.

Wireless Transmitter Subwoofer

Technical data of the NAVIS AIR-X2RW transmitter

Height x width x depth: 39 x 92 x 94 mm
Weight: 0.2kg
Type: 2.4 uncompressed audio, CD quality
Transmission range: <5Hz … 22.1 kHz
Inputs: 2 x RCA (Right / Left)
Supply voltage: 7.5V DC
Accessories included: power supply