Episode 2.1 Soundbar sound system active with black subwoofer

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brand: Episode
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Episode 2.1 Soundbar Soundsystem (8527664415068)
Regular price €799,00
Regular price €849,00 Sale price €799,00

The Episode 2.1 Soundbar sound system is the ideal complement to a laser TV or a TV with poor sound quality. You can only experience an optimal cinema experience when the sound and picture are on the same level. With the soundbar you get powerful cinematic sound and the language is also clear and easier to understand.

Episode 2.1 Soundbar Sound System is an active soundbar system with 8-inch wireless subwoofer. The new Episode 2.1 active soundbar system with 8-inch wireless subwoofer is the easiest and fastest way to improve the sound on any TV. The Episode 2.1 sound system is also suitable for laser TV or ultra-short projectors. The active soundbar has an optical, analog and HDMI input (with ARC support).

The wireless subwoofer is pre-paired to the soundbar at the factory for hassle-free installation. Bluetooth is built in for seamless streaming from mobile devices, and the included IR remote makes control a breeze. In addition, the fresh design fits perfectly with modern televisions. The easy mounting options make this soundbar the perfect solution for powering your TV installations.

Episode 2.1 Soundsystem

Episode 2.1 Soundbar sound system - quick and easy to install

The Episode 2.1 Active Sound System can be easily connected via HDMI, optical, analogue, Bluetooth or USB. With the ability to mount using the keyhole wall mounts including the included templates and its compatibility with the Strong Soundbar mount, the 2.1 Active Soundbar system is easy to install.

Episode 2.1 Soundbar Soundsystem

Sound is based on science

The Episode 2.1 Soundbar sound system was developed based on the NRC (National Research Council) scientific principles, which adhere to three true and accurate sound philosophies.

  1. low distortion
  2. wide spread
  3. flat frequency response.

Engineered to perfection without compromising value, this system allows you to transform the listening experience with great sound at an affordable price.

Subwoofer Membran

Easily upgrade TV audio

This 100-watt active soundbar features four 3-inch woofers, two ¾-inch Teteron dome tweeters, and an 8-inch downward-firing wireless subwoofer. The subwoofer is powered by an integrated 80-watt amplifier and offers excellent sound. The wireless subwoofer can be placed within a radius of 9m from the Episode 2.1 Soundbar sound system. The subwoofer is already paired with the soundbar at the factory.

Episod 2.1 Soundsystem anschlussfeld

Always the right connections with the Episode 2.1 Soundbar sound system

Upgrading audio on flat screens is as easy as connecting this 2.1 system to the TV via HDMI with ARC, optical or analog cable. Use ARC (Audio Return Channel) on a single connection to deliver audio and control. Volume and mute commands are relayed from the TV to the soundbar for hassle-free everyday use.

With this setup you can even mix down from multi-channel to 2.1 audio channel. It also features Bluetooth and USB connectivity for added versatility. This means you can listen to your favorite music in a relaxed manner and in very good quality, even when the TV or laser TV is switched off.

Episode 2.1 Soundsystem beispiel

Modern design

This active soundbar looks fantastic among today's modern TVs with its fresh design and clean lines. With a width of 43 inches, it fits perfectly with smaller second TVs, but doesn't look lost under larger screens either.

Episode Fernbedienung

Integration options

If the included IR remote control or ARC TV controller does not fit your project, we publish the IR codes and provide a 3.5mm IR input for reliable and easy integration into the control system.

Soundsystem begeistert

Perfect game evening with friends and great sound

Easily improve the gaming experience when the game console is turned on with this package. With easy installation, modern design and high performance, you can immerse yourself in your favorite worlds like never before.

Technical overview of episode 2.1 Soundbar sound system

  • Frequency range: 35 Hz - 20 KHz audio inputs
  • Outputs: Digital Optical, RCA, USB, HDMI/ARC, Bluetooth
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) Soundbar: 960 mm x 92.85 mm x 85.96 mm / Subwoofer: 397.5 mm x 260 mm x 350 mm
  • IR inputs: x1
  • Energy consumption Soundbar: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz / 100W Subwoofer: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 90W
  • Weight Soundbar: 4.2kg (9.22 lbs) Subwoofer: 7.4kg (16.27 lbs)
  • Tweeter 2 x .75” Teteron Soft Dome
  • Woofer 4 x 3” Coated Paper Cone Subwoofer: 8” cone made of coated paper
  • Total power: 320W