Episode MEGA S 15" subwoofer

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brand: Episode
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Episode® MEGA S 15" Subwoofer (8527674278236)
Regular price €2.260,00
Regular price €2.260,00 Sale price €2.260,00

The Episode MEGA S 15″ subwoofer is an absolutely high-quality closed 15 inch subwoofer with automatic EQ settings. Elemental power, control, precision and speed are all components that this subwoofer masters excellently.

Episode MEGA S 15" subwoofer

The Episode MEAGA S 15 is from the MEGA subwoofer series. A compact, high-performance series that requires little space. These powerful, intelligent, cinema-quality subwoofers offer premium bass with the highest return on investment and the latest features:

  • wireless functions for flexible installations
  • IP control for automatic on/off
  • companion app that allows both users and technicians to perfect EQ settings for optimal sound
  • Automatic Room EQ - premium room analysis and automatic EQ settings for maximum performance.

These subwoofers also use Automatic Room EQ to deliver deep, refined bass by analyzing the acoustic characteristics of the room and automatically adjusting EQ settings for maximum performance. The MEGA Series is available in single and dual driver models starting at 8" and going up to 15".

The Episode MEGA S 15 fills even large rooms with deep, rich and precise bass

Episode MEGA Subwoofer Serie

S-Series performance

The S-Series MEGA subwoofer uses a single driver and is available in 8", 10", 12" and 15" sizes to deliver stunning bass for various applications. Meticulous design with die-cut baskets and matte black vinyl finish ensures performance that looks impressive.

automatischen EQ-Einstellungen

High power amplification

The MEGA subwoofers use powerful amplifiers and premium drivers to deliver deep, powerful bass. These sealed units deliver controlled, clean bass and have a frequency response between 17 Hz and 150 Hz with power up to 1000 watts.

Performance and quality at the highest level

The MEGA subs feature high-end drivers and powerful amplifiers to achieve a new level of Episode performance. Featuring Class D BASH technology, advanced internal bracing, sealed enclosures and rubber surrounds, the MEGA subs produce clean bass at high volumes and very low distortion.

And for aesthetic versatility, you can use it with or without the grille for a clean look with no visible screws around the drivers.

Innovative app for Episode MEGA S 15

For users, the app is ideal for initial setup. It uses automatic room EQ to deliver deep, refined bass by analyzing the acoustic characteristics of the room and automatically adjusting EQ settings for maximum performance.

Customers can use the app to adjust the volume of multiple subwoofers, turn the subwoofers on and off, and select different modes. Below you can find the presets:

  • Night mode
  • Music mode
  • Movie mode

The app is available for Android and iOS devices.

Episode® MEGA S 8 Subwoofer

Works great with control systems

Control system drivers for the MEGA-Sub are available for Control4 and other popular systems and provide volume control and end-user presets. It can also be programmed to automatically activate night mode.

Use the Control4 driver to turn the subwoofer on and off along with your AV system and avoid unreliable signal detection. IP control protocol is also available.

Episode MEGA S 15 Subwoofer

Built-in radio receiver

Thanks to its wireless capabilities, the MEGA subwoofer can be placed in more places than ever before since it doesn't need to be placed near power outlets and sub-cables. Place the subwoofer to achieve the best bass performance. Alternatively, match it to the room design for the best aesthetic experience. The automatic measurement takes care of the rest.

Simply add the separately available Episode wireless transmitter to get the job done.

Easy configuration

Episode® MEGA S 15" subwoofer is Bluetooth-enabled for wireless operation. It also features a built-in receiver and an optional wireless transmitter. This eliminates a significant amount of cables. And don't forget: the automatic EQ settings allow for easy installation and configuration.

Episode® MEGA S 15" Subwoofer Technical Data

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