Kauber Frame frame canvas velvet PC-S

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Frame Rahmenleinwand Samt PC-S (8527721529692)
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Frame frame canvas velvet PC-S - high-quality frame canvas

The canvas is available with different cloths and formats. Custom-made products are possible. In comparison to a white conventional frame screen, there is another huge argument for the frame screen velvet PC-S. A white screen reflects the projector's projection light in all directions. The ceiling is often the biggest problem because it is often closest to the screen and therefore brightens the entire room. The reflected light from a white screen obviously worsens the viewing experience. Black is gray, colors appear bland and the perceived sharpness also decreases significantly. A contrasting screen plays a big role here. It mainly throws the projection light only into the viewer's cone area and emits significantly less residual light into the room. This effect is enormous and brings three-dimensional images, more sharpness and depth into the image and of course this increases the contrast and also the black value. Incidentally, it is not only the light from the ceiling that causes these problems, but also the floor and the side walls, and not even a bright sideboard that may have a screen next to it.

The frame screen velvet PC-S is an absolute eye-catcher in every living room. The contrast canvas creates a natural and color-neutral look like a white canvas with the advantages of a contrast cloth. Dark parts of the image gain in depth and are reproduced much more vividly. Colors have more punch and are more vibrant, not to mention the perceived contrast gain. The design of the screen is still unique and offers a cost-effective alternative for people who want multi-format screens.

Frame canvas assembly

The Kauber framed canvas has a mitred frame. The four individual profiles are securely screwed together using a metal bracket. The width of the profile is 8cm.

An iron rod is pushed through the welded loops of the canvas

The canvas is permanently stretched using clips on the frame and rod. Finally, the projector screen is hung on the wall brackets.

Quality in production

The picture shows how the velvet frame is flocked during the production of the canvas. So it's not a "cheap" velvet adhesive film, but a high-quality velvet frame. First the frame is coated with some kind of glue. Voltage is then applied and the velvet-like material is distributed over the frame.

By the way, the color of the velvet frame doesn't always have to be black! Other colors are also available upon special order.

Equipment frame frame screen velvet PC-S

  • 8cm frame width all around
  • Velvet frame
  • Peak Contrast-S (Gain 1.0)
  • Aluminum frame on miter 4 parts
  • 2 pieces of brackets
  • Clips for attaching the cloth