James JA QX620 in-wall speaker

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brand: James
Item number: #000178
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James JA QX620 (8527792963932)
Regular price €1.899,00
Regular price €1.899,00 Sale price €1.899,00

The rather technical-looking appearance of the speakers disappears behind a white, paintable grille cover.

The speakers are very stable and require a subwoofer to supplement the bass.

James JA QX620 in-wall speaker

These built-in speakers are developed with audiophile standards in mind. In order to create a housing that is as compact and low-resonance as possible, aircraft aluminum is used. Just like the housing, the loudspeaker chassis are elaborately constructed (e.g. the quad array), which enable maximum performance. Like all James built-in speakers, the QX series also has its own closed housing.

Perfect for GK/drywall walls

  • designed for subsequent installation
  • only 99mm installation depth (including closed housing)
  • 75mm CW + 2x25mm GK as a recommendation.

Robust choice of material – aluminum as the housing, membrane and basket material are the first choice for these speakers. Neodymium magnets for the drives and beryllium as a coating for the tweeters from the BE series demonstrate the claim to only use the best materials.

Inconspicuous appearance - The rather technical appearance of the loudspeaker construction disappears behind a white grille cover, which, compared to Garvan's flush models, appears a little less subtle due to a slight shadow at the transition to the wall. Since live and disco levels are certainly possible with the large models from James, the uninformed will assume that there is a much larger speaker behind the grille.

2-way system
50-200 watts operating power
Impedance: 8Ohm
Frequency response: 68-24,000Hz
Efficiency: 92dB (2.83V/1m)
Woofer: 16.5cm cone
Tweeter: 4x19mm quad array
Dimensions: 39.1 x 24.4 x 9.8cm
Weight: 5.5kg

Dimensions grid
28.9 x 18.5 x 0.4cm