KRIX MX-30 basic module

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brand: KRIX
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KRIX MX-30 Grundmodul (8527710552412)
Regular price €25.499,00
Regular price €25.499,00 Sale price €25.499,00

KRIX MX-30 basic module

Designed for larger, dedicated home theaters with an acoustically transparent screen, the KRIX MX-30 base module reproduces your favorite movie soundtracks with the highest definition and accuracy - directly over the picture and in your seat. Larger bass drivers and compression treble drivers provide an expanded Frequency response at higher sound pressure levels.

Professional home cinema construction with Krix MX-30 front

The KRIX MX-30 basic module offers clear, realistic sound with impressive power and precision. It is equipped with commercial cinema components and is designed for larger home cinemas with a length of 5 to 14 meters.

It consists of five modules, all of the same height and slim depth, for easy installation in cavities. Each module has a front baffle with acoustic absorption material that absorbs sound from the back of the screen or the room itself. This improves the acoustic treatment of the room, increases sound quality and intelligibility.

Krix MX-30 basic module

Processing of the speaker system

Main speakers use a single 380mm paper cone midrange driver with high rigidity and 77mm voice coil for greater excursion. The vented magnet assembly minimizes distortion and enables impressive clarity. The patented Krix horn with a 90 x 40 degree beam angle handles high frequencies and is driven by a high-frequency compression driver with a 44 mm voice coil.

Each subwoofer contains a massive 455mm driver with 100mm voice coil, dual spider and illuminated magnet array. This ensures powerful bass reproduction and an impressive crescendo. The KRIX MX-30 basic module reproduces films authentically so that you can really feel what is happening on the screen.

Experience the ultimate cinema experience at home!

Advantages of the Krix MX-30

  1. The Krix MX-30 offers excellent sound quality with clear highs, detailed mids and powerful bass.
  2. It creates a cinema-like experience with immersive surround sound.
  3. The speakers are manufactured to a high quality and are durable.
  4. They offer flexible placement options on the wall and can be hidden completely out of sight behind an acoustically transparent screen
  5. Krix MX-30 is versatile compatible with AV receivers and amplifiers.
  6. The Krix brand enjoys an excellent reputation in the audio world.
  7. The system is ideal for home theater enthusiasts looking for an immersive audio experience.
  8. It can be seamlessly expanded with other Krix speakers to enhance the home theater experience.


LCR speaker modules
Frequency range 38Hz-16kHz in surround sound
Resilience 100 - 700 watts RMS recommended amplifier power
sensitivity 98dB for 2.83 volts at 1 meter away
impedance 8 ohms
configuration 2-way
Housing type Bass reflex, frontally ventilated
Low frequency driver Single 380mm high rigidity paper cone driver with optimal length 77mm voice coil for increased linear excursion, wound on a high temperature tip support and a powerful vented magnet assembly designed for low distortion
High frequency driver A Krix patented 90º x 40º short throw horn driven by a compression driver with a 1″ larynx 1¾” aluminum voice coil and Nomex former
Input terminals Gold-plated spring-loaded terminals
Dimensions 1220 mm high x 450 mm wide x 335 mm deep (2865 mm wide including subwoofer module)
Subwoofer module
Frequency range 25Hz-500Hz in surround sound
Resilience 200 - 1400 watts RMS recommended amplifier power
sensitivity 100 dB for 2.83 volts at 1 meter away
impedance 8 ohms
Housing type Bass reflex, downward valve
Low frequency driver Single 455mm (18") paper cone driver. 100mm (4") copper voice coil with edge winding, double spider and illuminated magnet
Input terminals High quality gold plated spring terminals
Dimensions 1220 mm high x 750 mm wide x 335 mm deep (2865 mm wide including LCR module)
System recommendations
Minimum screen size 16:9 130″ (2880mm x 1620mm)
Minimum screen size 21:9 120″ (2806mm x 1184mm)
Recommended room depth 5m - 14m