LG PU700R Cinebeam portable 4K LED projector

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brand: LG
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LG PU700R Cinebeam (8527660679516)
Regular price €1.699,00
Regular price €1.699,00 Sale price €1.699,00

LG HU700R Cinebeam is a 4K Ultra HD mobile LED projector. This is not just any projector, it embodies pure lifestyle. Hardly larger than a shoebox but with endless functionality.

LG PU700R Cinebeam - the new portable and innovative LED projector. Pure lifestyle. Enjoy a bright, high-resolution image with 4K UHD and 1000 ANSI brightness anywhere in your home. The flexibility of the projector allows for many different projection options in the house.

LG PU700R Cinebeam

Immersive feeling of a large screen with high resolution and brightness

You can experience a large screen of up to 305 cm diagonal (120" screen) with a precise and detailed image with 4K UHD resolution and 1000 ANSI brightness.

Dynamic HDR/HDR tone adjustment for more detail with contrast depth

HDR10 and HLG further deepen contrast, and HDR dynamic tonal adjustment implements frame-by-frame video signals with optimized contrast and sound. The LG PU700R Cinebeam is a true all-rounder.

HDR Vergleich Projektoren

LG PU700R Cinebeam offers easy angle adjustment that allows for free installation in the room.

  • oblique projection to the wall
  • Ceiling projection
  • Placing the projector low or extremely high is no problem
  • Autofocus automatically focuses the image
  • Rotatable 90 degrees
  • automatic keystone correction
  • angle-adjustable joints

Deckenprojektion LG

Automatic screen adjustment to adapt to the projected space

Using the built-in camera, it offers an automatic screen alignment function and an autofocus function so that the corners of the screen can be aligned evenly. Motorized focus and 4/9/15 point screen settings are
available for more detailed settings.
Bildanpassung Beamer

Smart home, streaming, WEB OS 4.5 and sound playback via active speakers are possible with the LG PU700R Cinebeam

You can enjoy sound by simply connecting to Bluetooth speakers installed in different locations around your home. Connect up to two Bluetooth headphones or speakers at the same time to enjoy the sound
share with family, friends and children, even in noise-sensitive environments. Many video streaming providers can be accessed via app and allow you to use the LG PU700R without a player.

In the age of streaming and the design of the projector, it makes sense. It is not yet clear at this point which streaming providers will be implemented, but it can be assumed that at least Disney+ is on board.

Bluetooth sound playback

Apple Airplay 2 & Home Kit

The LG HU700R Cinebeam supports Apple Airplay 2 and Apple HomeKit. With Airplay 2, you can transfer entertainment such as videos, photos and music from Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, MAC) to the HU700R Cinebeam and enjoy it on the big screen. You can also use HomeKit with Apple devices to configure, customize, and control your smart home.

Apple Air Play2

Atmospheric lighting when not in use

A true innovation. When the projector is not in use, it can be used as a furnishing accessory to decorate a cozy room with soft and dim lighting. This gives the LG PU700R Cinebeam a useful interior argument, especially in the living room or bedroom. It is therefore much more than just a projector.
Projector LED RGB