Luma Surveillance™ 31 Series Bullet IP Outdoor Camera

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Luma Surveillance™ 31 Series Bullet IP Outdoor Kamera (8527702655324)
Regular price €189,00
Regular price Sale price €189,00

With high definition video, OvrC remote support and durable plastic design, the 31 Series is the ultimate solution for any task.

A camera for every task: Luma's 31 Series combines a customer-friendly price with high resolution and a robust plastic design to give you the perfect camera to grow your security business. Order a few 31s in bulk and give your customers exactly the setup they need - for total peace of mind!

Robust Plastic Design: The 31 Series cameras feature a robust and durable plastic design that will not fade or discolor over time. This means you can install the cameras with the confidence that your customers will be happy with their system for years to come.

Small Form Factor: The Luma 31 Series features a small, lightweight form factor for ultimate versatility, allowing you to mount it in more places than ever before to provide exactly the solution you need, with absolute Security.

High-Def, Low-Cost Solution: This Luma camera offers high-resolution 2MP to deliver HD images up to 1920×1080.

LumaLink Support: LumaLink offers P2P service, quick setup, and more security than traditional port forwarding and DDNS. Normally one would use LumaLink with an NVR for direct access to the system, but in cases where you only have a standalone camera without an NVR, LumaLink is now supported by Luma cameras. Note: A Luma NVR is required for LumaLink support for Series 31 and 51.

Storage-friendly encoding: Our Luma IP cameras support the H.265 video codec. This updated codec requires approximately 40% less data than H.264, achieving the same image quality while nearly doubling the efficiency of your recorder's hard drive storage.

Low Maintenance:Luma bullets are easy to install and are less susceptible to IR glare from dirt and dust that can accumulate over time, making them easy to maintain.

Power over Ethernet (PoE): All Luma cameras support a PoE port to make powering and networking as easy as possible using a single cable.

Wide Dynamic Range: Adjusts close-up brightness for darker parts of the scene by combining both long and short exposure images, compensating for shadowy areas caused by overly bright portions of the image.

Backlight Compensation: Boosts the normal video signal in low light conditions to compensate for even the weakest lighting conditions in the entire scene.

Luma Surveillance™ 31 Series Bullet IP Outdoor Camera