NAD T 778 9.2 BluOS AV receiver

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NAD T 778 (8527658811740)
Regular price €3.499,00
Regular price €3.499,00 Sale price €3.499,00

The NAD T 778 AV receiver is prepared for the latest audio and video technologies. It decodes surround soundtracks with up to 7.2.4 channels - including the lossless formats Dolby® TrueHD and DTS® Master Audio as well as Dolby® Atmos®.

The NAD T 778 AV receiver is prepared for the latest audio and video technologies. It decodes surround soundtracks with up to 7.2.4 channels - including the lossless formats Dolby ® TrueHD and DTS ® Master Audio as well as Dolby ® Atmos ® . To ensure optimal image quality, the receiver loops through 4K UltraHD signals (60p/4:4:4) without loss. Numerous HDMI ports as well as analog and digital inputs and outputs make it a universal control center for demanding and extensive audio and home cinema applications. With the integrated BluOS ® technology, the T 778 also becomes part of this wireless multiroom streaming platform so that you can play your own audio data, Internet radio stations and popular music streaming services in high-resolution quality and stream them in a multiroom network. Operation is extremely convenient via the touchscreen integrated in the front, a smartphone, a tablet or a PC. The T 778 has nine integrated amplifiers, each of which mobilizes a continuous power of 85 watts and, if necessary, has a pulse power of up to 300 watts at 4 Ω. So that the A/V receiver sounds optimal in any living room or home cinema, it has NAD's switchable soft clipping function and can be calibrated to the acoustics of the listening room using the Dirac Live ® system.

The main features of the T 778 at a glance

• AV receiver with 9 integrated HybridDigital power amplifiers
• Touchscreen for comfortable operation
• 9 x 85 W continuous power at 4 and 8 Ω, all channels controlled
• 300 W pulse power at 4 Ω
• Full 4K/60p / 4:4:4 / HDCP 2.2 support
• Dolby Vision image optimization
• 6 HDMI inputs (1 x on the front), 2 HDMI outputs
• 7.1 high level inputs and outputs, height channel outputs
• 2 optical and 2 coaxial digital inputs
• USB input
• 2 analog high level inputs
• Phono MM input
• Preamplifier outputs for Zone 2, Front, Surround A, Surround B, 2 subwoofers, center, height channels A/B
• Dolby ® TrueHD
• DTS ® Master Audio
• Dolby ® Atmos ®
• BluOS ® network and multiroom streaming
• LAN Ethernet connection
• Airplay 2
• bidirectional Bluetooth ® aptX ® HD module
• High-resolution 24-bit / 192 kHz audio playback
• 2 integrated MDC slots for expansion and future technologies
• Dirac Live ® room correction (light version, upgrade optional)
• 5 individually programmable AV presets
• Inputs and outputs for IR and 12 V trigger signals

NAD T 778 4K UHD Video

Using the latest and most advanced 4K chipsets, the T 778 can handle standard and HD resolution video sources including 4K Ultra HD with full compatibility for the latest 4:4:4:4 Pure Color 4K Ultra HD specification. It also offers full HDCP 2.2 compatibility so you can enjoy the highest quality 4K videos with digital copyright protection.

Dolby Atmos®

The digital sound format Dolby Atmos ® ensures an exceptional listening experience in your home theater. You can create a 7.2.4 system with the integrated amplifiers or the connections of the T 778. Regardless of the number of speakers, the T 778 creates immersive sound reproduction around the listener, enabling pinpoint localization of audio effects and reproducing the full realism of Dolby Atmos ® soundtracks.

Dirac Live ® – software for correcting room acoustics and impulse playback

Dirac Live ® is an innovative room correction whose basic function is to calibrate an audio system to the acoustics of the listening room. But in addition to adjusting certain frequencies, Dirac Live ® uses the most advanced algorithms to also analyze the impulse behavior of the audio signals being played. In this way, possible deviations between the impulses contained in the original signal and their reproduction are corrected, so that the hi-fi system sounds more balanced, more natural and more spatial. While the NAD M17.2 has the full version of Dirac Live ® on board, the other devices with this feature have the light version, which only processes the particularly problematic low frequencies up to 500 Hz. An upgrade to the full version is possible at any time.

NAD T 778 BluOS ® – Multiroom streaming in HD quality

BluOS ® is an innovative, wireless system that allows music to be streamed throughout the home. The associated user interface is one of the few solutions in the world for streaming uncompressed high-resolution 24 bit / 192 kHz music data to the players integrated in the network. BluOS ® exclusively uses the local network to transmit the music and organize the platform - and is controlled with the BluOS ® app available for smartphones and tablets or a Windows or Mac computer. Since BluOS ® is multiroom capable, up to 64 zones can be integrated and controlled either synchronously with an audio stream or individually with different programs at different volumes. Bluesound understands numerous file formats from MP3 to MQA studio master quality. Whether streaming music services, your own music library on a hard drive or internet radio – with BluOS ® you always have access to your favorite music across the entire network.

Incidentally, BluOS ® can also be integrated into some innovative home automation systems, so that in addition to the intelligent control of lighting, heating and other building technology, it is also possible to operate a BluOS ® multiroom system via the smart home panel. The driver software for the systems from the manufacturers Control4, Creston, ELAN, iPort, Lutron, Push, RTI and URC is available for download at the top of the sub-navigation under the “Smarthome Integration” tab.

NAD A/V Remote App

With the “NAD A/V Remote” app available for iOS, the T 778 can be easily controlled remotely using a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth® . The app is basically a replacement for the NAD remote control that comes with the amplifier.

MQA – studio master quality music

MQA is not a new file format, but an innovative way to package large music files with complex coding, an efficient compression technique and a digital signature in such a way that even original studio master recordings in 24 bit/192 kHz format are converted into comparatively small data packages Packed and made available online. The music data is packaged in any container such as ALAC, FLAC or WAV. When played back via a decoder integrated in BluOS® , the player completely unpacks the file and returns it to its original format, the Studio Master File, without any loss.

Future-proof MDC module system

MDC, the abbreviation for Modular Design Construction, is NAD's measure against hi-fi systems that are becoming outdated too quickly. The technologies for A/V devices in particular have been developing ever faster in recent decades. As a result, home theater fans who want to take advantage of new file formats, higher-bandwidth, high-speed HDMI connections, or additional height channels for surround playback like Dolby Atmos ® are forced to regularly replace their A/V receiver or amplifier. NAD's MDC principle involves integrating all age-sensitive technologies on a high-quality plug-in card that can be quickly and easily replaced with a newer version by a qualified technician. The MDC modules also enable individual assembly of the corresponding NAD amplifiers.

*Note: The T 778 includes a license for Dirac Live Light with the option to upgrade to the full version. Activating Dirac Live requires firmware version 2.12.9 or higher. Find more information about updating your device's firmware