Kauber Red Label Edgefree Tension PC-S

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execution: 300cm
Control: Wall switch
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Red Label Edgefree Tension PC-S Hauptbild (8527766389084)
Regular price €2.539,00
Regular price €2.539,00 Sale price €2.539,00

Kauber Red Label Edgefree Tension PC-S

The Red Label Edgefree Tension PC-S is a premium contrast screen with an ultra-quiet comfort motor, a white dumbbell bar including a black tension cable, flame-retardant cloth (extra thick), white lifestyle screen box.

The exclusive Red Label Edge Free is a premium motorized screen that is available in 13 different sizes and can also be produced individually to your desired size if required.

Due to the intentional shortening of the sides (edgefree), the screen appears much more pleasant and has a design effect, especially in living rooms. Summarized:

  • perfect flatness of the cloth (extra thick and flame retardant)
  • the tension cable tension
  • Comfort motor (extra quiet)

Kauber delivers a first-class canvas. A home cinema feeling in the living room is absolutely possible with the motorized screen.

An Edgefree version ensures a maximum image size without losing the image due to a frame. This makes the Red Label Edgefree Tension PC-S an absolute eye-catcher in any living space.

The contrast canvas creates a natural and color-neutral look like on a white canvas, with the advantages of a contrast cloth. Dark parts of the image gain a depth effect and are reproduced much more vividly.

Colors have more punch and are more vibrant, not to mention the perceived contrast gain. The design of the screen is still unique and offers a more cost-effective alternative for people who want a multi-format screen.

Another significant advantage is the flexibility of the image size. With an Edge-Free motorized screen and a projector that has a motorized zoom lens, you can flexibly adjust the image size of the source and your desired size.

The edge next to the projected image is pleasantly dark on a high-contrast screen and frames the projector's image perfectly.

Red Label Edgefree Tension versus a motorized screen with white cloth

Compared to a conventional motorized screen, there is another huge argument for the Red Label Edgefree Tension. A white screen reflects the projector's projection light in all directions.

The ceiling is often the biggest problem because it is often closest to the screen and therefore brightens up the entire room. The reflected light from a white screen naturally worsened the viewing experience.

Black is gray, colors appear fashionable and the perceived sharpness also decreases significantly. A contrasting screen plays a big role here.

It mainly throws the projection light only into the viewer's cone area and emits significantly less residual light into the room. The resulting effect is enormous and brings three-dimensional images, more sharpness and depth into the picture.

Contrast and black value benefit greatly - overall the projected image has much more depth. Incidentally, it is not just the light from the ceiling that causes these problems, but also the floor and the side walls, not even a bright canvas sideboard that one may be adjacent to.

Image size and overall height of the Kauber Red Label Edgefree Tension PC-S

Cloth Peak Contrast-S

Width Height
180cm 150cm
190cm 160cm
200cm 165cm
210cm 170cm
220cm 175cm
230cm 180cm
240cm 180cm
250cm 180cm
260cm 180cm
270cm 180cm
280cm 180cm
290cm 180cm
300cm 180cm

The maximum cloth height is 180cm!

If desired, we can adjust the lead time: at no extra charge! When ordering, simply indicate the desired lead time in the Notes field. Whatever is possible... we make possible ;)

Order Size and Dimensions Edge Free Canvas


C = order size = canvas width

F = canvas box = C + 21.6cm

J = drop bar = C + 17cm

The highlights of the Red Label Edgefree Tension motorized screen

  • Quiet and high quality motor (Somfy)
  • Real and natural color look
  • Radio remote control - receiving unit is integrated in the housing
  • Tension – no dog ears
  • Tension cable in Graz, like the cloth
  • Very good flatness
  • Long lead (up to 50cm)
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Room brightness is greatly improved - contrast gain
  • Front case - TV can be positioned behind the screen

Note: The Red Label Edgefree Tension is delivered without a power plug. The four-wire cable is led out of the housing. This mounts to the included wall switch. This is the basic equipment of the high contrast screen. Alternatively, you can also order the control of the screen (radio) integrated. In this variant, the receiving unit is integrated into the screen housing and a three-wire white cable comes out of the screen.

Do you have any questions about Red Label Edgefree Tension? We would be happy to answer all your questions conveniently by email or telephone: 0421 380 396 30 Would you like to see the quality of the canvas for yourself?

Visit us in the specialist shop in Bremen's Überseestadt. We have several models for you to demonstrate and can demonstrate with many different current projectors.


With this screen model, small tolerances in dimensions and image geometry are possible due to the tension of the cloth. These are not production errors, but are due to the balanced flatness of this model.

Due to the stretchability of the cloth, there may be changes in the height and width of the cloth.

Do not expose your motorized screen to thermal stress such as sun, heating or rooms with strongly fluctuating temperatures, as this can cause the canvas fabric to deform. We recommend always retracting canvases after use.