Sonance VP52R UTL Ultra Thin

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brand: Sonance
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Sonance VP52R UTL Ultra Thin (8527715008860)
Regular price €319,00
Regular price €319,00 Sale price €319,00

Excellent sound, simple design and with only 36mm installation depth. The Sonance VP52R UTL Ultra Thin is the perfect solution if the installation depth offers too little space for conventional speakers - 5″ - 2 - way - Ultra Thin, installation depth only 36mm, 133mm woofer, 25mm silk dome, round

Sonance VP52R UTL Ultra Thin - Ingenious solution for little space in the ceiling - sound is still breathtakingly good

The built-in speakers from the Visual Performance series from Sonance are suitable for installation in walls and ceilings throughout the living environment thanks to their excellent sound properties and unobtrusive appearance.

Sonance VP series - so many useful additions possible in the multi-room

All Sonance VP series in-wall speakers have one thing in common; the minimally designed front grille. It allows this model series to be integrated even better into the wall and ceiling and the technology for hi-fi and home cinema takes a back seat. What is in the foreground is the excellent sound, which is available right up to the high-end standards. Despite its extremely flat design, the Sonance VP52R UTL Ultra Thin offers impressive sound.

Perfect for your own home cinema room or a multi-room sound system in the house

From a home cinema for the living room to a separate Dolby Atmos cinema room. Visual Performance built-in speakers for small to large rooms are almost invisible and integrate perfectly into the living ambience thanks to the front grille, which can be painted on site. For a completely invisible speaker installation, take a look at the Sonance Invisible Series .

The models of the Visual Performance series with the number VP8x in the type designation are suitable for use in large rooms. By adding a built-in subwoofer to the VP6x and VP4x models, larger rooms can also be provided with powerful sound. The subwoofer can disappear from view and the ceiling view is minimized to the smaller models.

For the ceiling mirror with square lights, we recommend the square adapters for round Sonance ceiling speakers from the VP series.

  • VP8x = 20cm woofer, 3-way system, for rooms from 40sqm
  • VP6x = 16.5cm woofer, 2-way system, for rooms from 30sqm
  • VP4x = 10.5cm woofer, 2-way system, for rooms up to 30sqm

VPx8 = Rohacell membranes for woofers, midrange drivers and ceramic dome, the high-end models
VPx6 = Coated carbon fiber woofers and midrange drivers, 25mm aluminum caulk, the HiFi models
VPx4 = Polypropylene woofer and midrange driver| 25mm aluminum calotte, the all-round models
VPx2 = Polypropylene woofer | 25mm silk dome for pleasant background sound

VPxx-SST | SUR = Single Stereo System or Surround. The first built-in loudspeaker that has both functions switchable. Play both stereo channels from one speaker.
VPxx-TL = Particularly low installation depth 65mm or 77mm
VPxx-XT = Suitable for rooms with high air temperature and humidity
VPxxLCR = Home cinema models

Additional information VP52R UTL Ultra Thin

manufacturer / designation Sonance VP52R UTL Ultra Thin
design Square, round
type of use Ceiling speakers
operating performance 80 watts
efficiency 89dB 2.83V/1m
frequency 75Hz – 20kHz +/-3dB
impedance 8 ohms nominal
diameter 248mm
depth 36.4mm
installation diameter 210mm
installation depth 37mm