Sonitus Leviter Shape 12 - 6 colors (4 pcs.)

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Color: Red
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sonitus leviter shape (8527776317788)
Regular price €249,00
Regular price €249,00 Sale price €249,00

The Sonitus Leviter Shape 12 is the first broadband absorber with a special velvet color coating. Please contact us if you require a quantity that differs from the quantity offered.

The Sonitus Leviter Shape series is the first Sonitus Acoustics light band absorber with a special velvet color coating (available in various colors). It is made of special high-quality polyester foam and a velvet layer that is applied directly to the foam. The special coating increases the absorption performance and the absorption starts at 100 Hz. This acoustic element is suitable for rooms in which not only the sound but also the aesthetics are in the foreground.

Sonitus Leviter Shape 12

sonitus levitter shape

Product features of Sonitus Leviter Shape:

  • Polyester acoustic foam
  • Fire protection standard FVSS 302
  • Size: 60x60x12cm
  • Package contents: 4 pieces.
  • Colors: red, blue, orange, white, black, beige, gray

ISO certified measurement LEVITER SHAPE 12

The acoustic elements can be easily installed with Acoufix - a special adhesive, or alternatively with acrylic from the painter's supplies. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. The Sonitus Leviter Shape 12 acoustic modules can be placed individually or in a row. They are undoubtedly among the best broadband absorbers on the room acoustics market. They have an excellent price-performance ratio and are wonderful to work with. The product is high quality and also has an additional great feature for the home theater enthusiast. The extremely matt velvet surface and absorbent capabilities absorb ambient light or scattered light from projectors or reflected light from screens very well. Sonitus Leviter Shape is the perfect choice for your own home cinema and is particularly suitable for combating the miserable initial reflections in the room caused by speakers.