Strong® Rack Blank Panel

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brand: Strong
Item number: #003860
execution: 1 height unit
Regular price €19,00
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Strong® Rack Blank Panel (8527691350364)
Regular price €19,00
Regular price €19,00 Sale price €19,00

Form meets function. The Strong® Rack Vented Panel vented panels not only keep your investment cool, but also hide what's underneath - be it cables or other unsightly items behind the rack. Proper air circulation around equipment is critical to long-term system performance, so you can't be too careful when planning your rack's ventilation.

Strong® Rack Blank Panel

These blanks aren't just another pretty face. OK, yes, they are - but they are also a strategic tool in creating a professionally configured and trimmed equipment rack. Not only do they hide unsightly cables, but they also help maintain airflow over, under and around devices.

Room to breathe

Effective thermal management is the key to long-term system reliability. This solid blind plate allows good air circulation above and below the components.

Rack management

Use the blanking panels to create additional gaps between components in your rack to secure and hide power supplies, baluns, modules and other items that you want to be housed in the rack but not visible.

Rear mounting plates

What's good for the front is also good for the back! Mount these panels to the back and use a self-tapping screw or cable ties to install power strips or other small components directly to them.

Deep black color

We know you are proud of your rack installations, and many of your customers are too. That's why this product is finished with a rich, scratch-resistant powder coating that matches all of our racks and accessories

Strong® Rack Blank Panel