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brand: Supra
Item number: #000379
length: 0.5 meters
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Supra HDMI Kabel (8527789556060)
Regular price €96,00
Regular price €96,00 Sale price €96,00

When it comes to performance, there are no restrictions when choosing the most suitable SUPRA HDMI cable. Lengths up to 30 meters are available. Please note that 4K Ultra-HD HDR transmission is only guaranteed up to 15 meters. Full HD up to 30 meters!

Supra HDMI

The Supra HDMI MET-S/B (metal plug straight/curved) is the alternative for flush-mounted installation in 20mm pipes and 25mm cable ducts. The unique, patented design allows the connector housing to be removed before installation without affecting contact integrity. The housing can be removed by simply loosening two screws. Two connector housings are included to enable angled or straight insertion.

Equipment and performance

  • Transmits current high bit formats without errors.
  • Future-proof - meets current HDMI standards and known requirements of tomorrow.
  • Robust Design - Withstands normal installation stress.
  • High cable cross-section - for lowest losses
  • Triple shielding - Enables long distance installation with the highest signal quality.
  • Made in Sweden - with 3-stage quality monitoring. Unsurpassed quality and maximum reliability.