Yamaha R-N1000A network receiver

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Yamaha R-N1000A (8527660089692)
Regular price €1.599,00
Regular price €1.599,00 Sale price €1.599,00

The Yamaha R-N1000A offers a unique sound experience for your music. It delivers authentic HiFi quality and is compatible with high-resolution music streaming and an HDMI connection. With the effortless adjustment of the ideal room acoustics through the YPAO™ system, the R-N1000A impresses across the board.

Experience music in a whole new way

Yamaha R-N1000A is the ideal choice for anyone committed to the authentic sound of original instruments. This impressive HiFi device offers perfect sound based on the proven technology of our top model. With Yamaha's original YPAO™ sound field correction, powerful custom-made transformers, ultra-precise ESS DACs and a host of other high-quality components, the R-N1000A has everything you need for a breathtaking music experience.

Yamaha R-N1000A

Your living room will be transformed into an extraordinary sound environment where you can fully immerse yourself in the music and experience the pure enjoyment of the sound.

MusicCast network system installed - full music experience from your smartphone or tablet

The Yamaha R-N1000A offers Yamaha's MusicCast network system as a technical highlight. It is compatible with various streaming services such as Amazon Music HD and Spotify to fully enjoy the high-quality sound of high-resolution and lossless audio sources. The system also supports Apple Music with Airplay 2.

With the MusicCast system you can easily connect different MusicCast devices via an app on your smart device and listen to music anywhere in your home.

Yamaha MusicCast

Hi-Fi quality that impresses with every connected source

No matter what music source you use, the R-N1000A delivers HiFi quality. Whether it's audio files on your PC or a network drive, records or television shows. The network receiver is suitable for everything. It ensures perfect sound that brings out the full tonal diversity of your media offering.

Yamaha R-N1000A

Top workmanship of the Yamaha R-N1000A

Yamaha is a well-known audio brand with over 60 years of experience. The R-N1000A is based on Yamaha's legendary ToP-ART hi-fi design concept. It uses a symmetrical circuit layout and short signal paths for clear sound. The low-vibration chassis with the special "Art Base" absorbs vibrations and maintains the purity and dynamics of the sound.

technischer Aufbau Netzwerk Receiver

Double bottom housing distinguishes the R-N1000A from the smaller R-N800A

The Yamaha R-N1000A case is reinforced with a false bottom and a 1mm thick iron plate. This reduces annoying vibrations and improves the reproduction of low frequencies. The sound becomes powerful and elegant, similar to a full symphony orchestra.

Antiresonanz Boden

High-quality anti-resonance feet

The R-N1000A has anti-resonance feet that reduce vibration. The special arrangement of reinforcing rods effectively dissipates vibration energy. This maintains the rigidity and creates a precise sound that allows the rhythm and dynamics of the music to be experienced intensively.

Anti Resonanzfüße

High-quality components are installed in the Yamaha R-N1000A

Thanks to custom-built power transformers, blocking capacitors, single-point grounding system and high-quality audio capacitors and other premium components, the Yamaha R-N1000A can easily handle even the most demanding audio signal conditions. The sound quality of each component depends on the quality of the individual components and their interaction. For this reason, Yamaha uses carefully selected and tested components.

Hi-Fi Komponenten

Precession and performance with tonal balance

The R-N1000A enables accurate reproduction of all sounds, instruments and voices at different pitches and across the entire frequency spectrum. Even unknown sounds are experienced with perfect harmony and musicality. ESS Technology's famous SABER ES9080Q 384 kHz/32-bit DAC and Yamaha's original network module ensure outstanding S/N performance and optimal reproduction of high-resolution sound sources.

This effectively reproduces subtle acoustic details of concert halls and fine nuances in sound.



To prevent energy loss and preserve the audio signal, the Yamaha R-N1000A uses thick ground connection wire for optimal audio quality. Using a screw connection on the power amp output strengthens the important ground and improves the signal-to-noise ratio. As a result, the R-N1000A delivers a clear and distinct sound, which distinguishes it as a true premium hi-fi device.

Hi-Fi network receiver

Connection diversity on the Yamaha R-N1000A at the highest level

Thanks to the gold-plated connectors, the receiver ensures a high-quality connection without signal loss. Both the speaker connections and the inputs are gold-plated.

Speaker terminal

The Yamaha R-N1000A offers true HiFi sound for your television. Thanks to HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) compatibility, you can connect it with just one cable. This means you can enjoy not only audio, but also TV audio content such as live shows and music programs in excellent sound quality.

Yamaha Netzwerk Receiver

The R-N1000A has special phono inputs to which you can connect a turntable. This allows you to enjoy the music from your record collection to the fullest. Asynchronous transmission ensures stable signal transmission, while a high-precision quartz clock improves signal accuracy.

The Yamaha R-N1000A supports native playback of DSD 11.2 MHz and PCM 384 kHz. The result is exceptionally high-quality sound that takes full advantage of high-resolution audio sources.

First-class room measurement with YPAO

Environmental conditions affect the sound of a room and any audio signal. Yamaha developed YPAO™ to create the perfect listening environment in the Yamaha R-N1000A. It's like a professional listening room without manual settings. YPAO™ provides precise EQ for accurate equalization with high audio resolution. YPAO™ RSC controls early reflections and optimizes sound reproduction depending on wall material and speaker placement. Here's how you can enjoy high-fidelity audio in your living room.

More features

  • DAB/DAB+ tuner (DAB/DAB+ tuner availability varies by region.)

  • Multiroom audio with MusicCast

  • Pure Direct mode - creates maximum sound reproduction